"The institutional maltreatment of children described in this book is condemned by international law, so it's time for Americans to ask: What is our government doing about this? --Howard Davidson, Dir. ABA Center on Children & the Law  

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An American GULAG - Secret P.O.W. Camps for Teens Learn why the wrong specialty school can destroy your child.

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AN AMERICAN GULAG, by Alexia Parks,  PRESS Kit. Recommended as a "Must Read," by Howard Davidson, Director of the American Bar Association's Center on Children and the Law.

NEW FOCUS ON SUCCESS training programs for schools

Why I was sent to Mtn. Park. Writer alleges indentured servitude (child slavery). (See Dear Alexia letter #3. Received 8/20/02.)

FOX NEWS report on abuse and rape at STRAIGHT drug treatment programs (5/23/02) 

Why I liberated my daughter from a behavior-modification boarding school.  Patricia Wolff

DEAR ALEXIA --  letters from teen survivors, and families searching for disappeared teens. 

Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing:  Protect the Rights of Children

UN Convention against Torture - GULAG-schools may violate a U.S. supported  International Treaty. TeenLiberty to US Congress: "Join the rest of the world! Sign the UN Convention on Rights of the Child."

The Waterhouse Tribunal - Childcare workers sent to jail. England reviews more than 40,000 documents describing more than 20 years of child abuse and sexual abuse in 40 residential childcare facilities in north Wales. Abuse victims "harrowing" experiences ignored for decades.

Europe Turns Against Spanking, saying "We must not endanger the physical and mental well-being of children." Israel is 10th country to join the no-spank movement. Project No Spank Gains Momentum.

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Resources:  Project NoSpank, Teen Advocates, National PTA Child Advocacy, Mountain Park MOCK website, Youth Organization: http://mandatethefuture.org/event.shtml, IntrepidNet. Forum for discussion about the private behavior modification school Discovery Academy of Provo, Utah. http://www.discovery-academy-forum.com; 12/04: Call for submissions for a new reader about abusive institutions for youth entitled Teenage Lobotomy: a Zine about the Institutionalization of Youth.Email: mindweller@yahoo.com


Survivor's Conference   Alexia Parks was a keynote speaker, at June 2002 conference in Florida. 

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*This online book and expose documents boarding schools, behavior modification schools, boot camps, boot camps for boys, boot camps for girls, toughlove boot camps, toughlove and boot camps, toughlove and boot camps (bootcamps) for struggling, defiant, rebellious, in-your-face, out-of-control teenagers and attitude adjustment camps for teens that use brainwashing, child abuse and child torture and may violate the civil rights and human rights of teens. These schools conduct sophisticated marketing efforts that target parents with troubled teens--such as youth with drug or alcohol abuse problems, attention deficit disorder, oppositional defiance disorder, and gender identity disorder, among others. This book is recommended for parents looking for behavioral and therapeutic solutions such as mentoring, as well as for children's rights, patients' rights and human rights activists concerned with issues related to involuntary treatment, shock therapy,
coercive escort services, and other violations of the rights of teens.

An American GULAG is especially timely given the current public controversy and news stories in the national media relating to alleged abusive practices at Tranquility Bay, Spring Creek Lodge, Cross Creek Manor, and Brightway Adolescent Hospital--all under the TeenHelp umbrella and marketed by Adolescent Services International. A Time Magazine article 1/26/98, for example, described a contract signed by parents which allowed the use of mace and stun-guns on children sent to their facility for behavior modification. An estimated 2,000 behavior modification "boarding schools" and attitude adjustment camps exist in the U.S. They are unregulated and may include child abuse and child torture practices which may violate the human and civil rights of teens. Some keywords that parents may use in searching for this website may include: teen rage, teen violence, Columbine High School, Columbine Massacre, anger disorder, violence and teens, struggling teens, defiant teens, Marilyn Manson, Goth, Goths, rebellious, "out of control" teens. Red Cliffs Ascent newstory about runaway teens can be found under Red Cliffs in news stories. South Dakota and its harsh boot camp system for juvenile offenders including the death of Gina Score at a South Dakota juvenile boot camp will be posted in news stories (#3) when MotherJones.com magazine makes it available online. Our recommendation is for mentoring, parents as mentors, mentoring in the community, mentoring in the workplace and mentoring at home. When parents learn how to mentor their own children then all children will have mentors. See: 10 Golden Rules That Guide Loving Families, a 10-step program that teaches parents how to become mentors to their own children.



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